A Heartfelt Goodbye: The Merlin400 Goes Open Source

Dear Friends

In a bittersweet announcement, we first want to share a significant transition: Merlin400, the world’s first automatic cannabis extractor is now an open-source project We are immensely proud to have created such a pioneering device, and now we hand it over to you.

At the same time, Drizzle must close its doors. Our journey to make cannabis oil extraction affordable and accessible to all has been incredibly rewarding but financially unsustainable. But we’re not leaving you empty-handed.

For any accessories or spare parts, here are the links to help you out:
Glass boiling beads      Isopropanol 99,9     51 mm filters

For ongoing support and to connect with fellow enthusiasts, the Drizzle Community remains open:
Facebook User Group     Telegram     Reddit

And for the tinkerers, creators, and makers, our 3D printing files, software, and schematics are available on GitHub — our final gift to a community that has given us so much joy and purpose.

Your stories of healing, innovation, and community have touched our hearts deeply. Knowing the Merlin400 has made a real difference in your lives is the greatest reward we could ask for.

Thank you for believing in us, supporting us, and inspiring us. Though Drizzle is saying goodbye, the spirit of what we’ve built together lives on in every drop of oil made, every connection formed, and every barrier broken down.

With deepest gratitude and warmest wishes,

The Drizzle Team

from plant to oil

in the comfort of your home

Drizzle is the world’s first manufacturer of completely automated kitchen appliances for home extracting and purifying herbal oil.

The Merlin400 extractor lets you create your own oil extract with the press of a button. 

Merlin400 - Your Home Cannabis Extractor

Merlin400 is an effective solution for extracting high-quality cannabis oil from the comfort of your home. Our state-of-the-art extractor is designed to provide you with a hassle-free and satisfying experience. Press the button – and Merlin400 will do the job for you.

Completely Automated

Merlin400 is a closed-loop alcohol extraction device, that makes the process efficient and straightforward. The machine is designed to perform all vital steps of the extraction process with ease. You just have to load herbs and alcohol, and Merlin400 will craft an extract automatically. We have already optimized the extraction parameters so you will get the perfectly balanced oil. 

Merlin Oil

Merlin400 produces a full-spectrum cannabis extract that packs a punch while maintaining the original plant profile. With our extractor, you can enjoy high-concentration, pure oil extract with the full intended therapy benefits.

High Extraction Yield

With an unprecedentedly high yield, the Merlin400 cannabis extractor produces high-quality oil while eliminating foul-tasting substances. It is the easiest way of creating your rich-tasting full-spectrum extract, suitable for both oral consumption and use in e-cigarettes. 


Merlin400 comes with 4 programs that make it even easier to work with your extracts. You will be able to make extraction, mixing, decarboxylation, and vacuum distillation with just one device. 

Additional Control

We created an app that lets you have more control over your extraction process. In the app, you can adjust the soak time and see detailed information about the machine. It will also show you if something goes wrong and will help you to get effective support. 

Selected Content

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Now is the perfect time to make your own cannabis oil at home. Purchase Merlin400 today and enjoy the full benefits of cannabis extract. Say goodbye to low-potency cannabis oil and long hours of extraction, use Merlin400 for a professional and quick extraction process.