Getting started with you Merlin400

When you recieve your Merlin400 we recommend watching all three guides below, starting with the topmost one. This will help you feel comfortable starting your first extraction and get a great first experience when using your Merlin400.


This video is an unboxing of the Merlin400 starter kit. Frans explains what the different items are and how you use them. 

There are endless options with Merlin400, especially if you get your machine online and connected to the app.

In this video, Peter explains how to connect the machine to the WiFi, what you can use the app for, and how to update Merlin400.

In this video, you can see how to prepare your cannabis or hemp for extraction.

You will furthermore see how to load up the machine and get everything started. A good starting point if you are new to extraction on our Merlin400 devices.