3D Printing Farm

The last few months, we have been building up our very own 3D printer farm, and we are happy to show you a glimpse of it.

We have worked with Prusa printers originating from Prague for a long time and have decided to build our farm around their printers. It is a setup of different size printers, but all filament-based using a modified version of PETG to ensure food compatibility.

We have thoroughly calibrated our printer beds, axis, temperatures, and all the other necessary settings to ensure a perfect print every time. We will spend the next few months increasing the size of our farm, networking and automating everything, and setting up a top-notch manufacturing plant for extraction devices.

3D Print is hard to master but gives us many benefits, such as allowing very complicated details to be built directly into the polymers of our extractor devices. Furthermore, we can iterate faster because we do not have to wait to manufacture tools for plastic molding and grow our production capability organically.

Once our networked printer farm is up and running, we will release a video showing it off.