Drizzle was founded in April 2017 by Peter Gade with the idea of empowering everyone to make cannabis oil at home.

Today Drizzle is the world’s first manufacturer of completely automated kitchen appliances for home extracting and purifying cannabis oil. We have set up production and development facilities in Denmark and are steadily growing our production capabilities and improving our systems.


Drizzle is in the Danish Medicines Agency four-year trial program for preparing Cannabis oil for Medical purposes. We strive to become the center for cannabis process knowledge and optimization. We will continue to make data-driven decisions about growth, process, and extraction parameters using chromatography analysis and an empiric approach in every step of the process.

Our mission is to become the professional leader for small-scale cannabinoid extraction systems for domestic use.

Key Persons

Peter Gade

CEO & Founder

Applies electonics, software, chemistry, and physics, and keeps the pedal to the metal.

Tobias Hansen

Manufacturing & Mechanical Design

Designs all the nuts and bolts that makes our machines spin.

Peter Werner Christensen

Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Handles authorities, approvals an miles of paperwork.

Frans Gregers Bølling

Test & Laboratory Manager

Our equipment flaw finder and cannabis analysis expert.

Johan Selmer

Science & Medical Officer

Does our patent work and digs through litterature for the latest cannabis research.