Patient Association Demo


At the general assembly for the danish cancer patient association “Tidslerne”, Peter Werner, Drizzles QA/RA manager, shared our company’s story and visions for easier accessible cannabis oil.

The presentation lasted one hour, followed by a live demonstration of the extraction machine. Here, Peter manufactured a 20% CBD on the spot from a pesticide-free blended hemp strain of medium quality. 


Before the presentation, we prepared another 20% CBD based on the aromatic “Koks Orange” hemp, creating an oil with aromatic hints of lime and oranges. Thus, the participants got the opportunity to taste an oil made from an aromatic high-quality hemp strain and compare this to an extract from a medium-grade blended hemp material. Not surprisingly, the vast majority preferred the fragrant “Koks Orange” oil.

In Denmark, it is difficult and expensive to obtain full spectrum CBD and THC-based oils. The patient association and Peter discussed how the patient association and Drizzle could make a difference on a large scale in providing patients with more accessible, affordable, and high-quality CBD and THC oils.