First Extraction on Merlin400

In December 2020 we built the first functional and finished Merlin400 version B02. BO2 is our internal numbering system for versions, and B02 is the first zero series of extractors we have planned.

With a degree of humility, Peter Christensen sat down and used the ever first seen functioning version of Merlin400. The machine worked perfectly and produced 650 mg full spectrum of CBD extract from legally grown low-quality hemp tea. 

Peters extract was diluted in organic olive oil to yield a 10% full-spectrum CBD oil. It had a fresh taste, with hints of a nutty flavor and almost no bitterness due to the patented extraction system used in Merlin400 extraction.

Much experimentation followed, and we have since increased the yield and tested many different types of hemp and cannabis. Among many, we tried high-quality CBD flower and THC-type cannabis. Products were both prepared for oral use in a decarboxylated state mixed with olive oil and entirely pure extracts used directly in e-cigarettes for inhalation.

All results were very well-tasting!