Force Technology Collaboration

As a part of Force Technology, Delta has worked with the reliability of new and existing products through several decades. They have in-house facilities for performing all relevant tests needed to help in planning and designing robust solutions. 

During 2019 and 2020, Force Technology has conducted a research project to investigates successful product reliability strategies. The research project has the name: Proactive Paradigm for Electronic Products Reliability (PPEPP), and its purpose is to solve the critical issue:

How do companies incorporate reliability into product development from the start of the development process? Which essential tools should they choose to get the most bang for the buck? 

Force Technology addressed these issues and various other topics in their latest performance contract project regarding product reliability. Drizzle participated as a full-scale case in this project and was subject to all activities, including strategies and tests. It has led to a Merlin400 extractor with safety and reliability built-in from design to a final product.

You can download an article about the project from the danish SPM magazine here.