How to calculate the amount of carrier oil for oral drops?

Precision in Potency: Unveiling the Formula for Calculated Dilution in Oral Drops

Since the extract is quite potent you can dilute the raw extract in a carrier oil.

First, decide upon the dilution you want of your oral drops. This could be anything from roughly 3-50%. We recommend starting with 10% and then finding the level suitable for your use.
So how do you calculate the amount of carrier oil you need to add to your extract, to make oral drops with a known percentage of extract in it?

You can do it by using the formula: (100 – p) / p = x
where p is the “dilution percentage” you want, and x is “parts of carrier oil per one part of extract”

Don’t panic. Here you have a few examples:

If you want a 20% dilution, the calculation is (100-20)/20 = 80/20 = 4.
Meaning that your mix should be 1 part of extract and 4 parts of carrier oil.

If you want a 12% dilution, the calculation is (100-12)/12 = 88/12 = 7,33.
Meaning that your mix should be 1 part extract and 7,33 parts carrier oil.

Let us say, your extraction gave a yield of 1,23 grams extract:

For a 20% dilution you must add (4 x 1,23 g) = 4,92 g carrier oil.

At 20% dilution, the whole b atch would be (1,23+4,92 g) = 6,15 g oral drops.

For a 12% dilution you must add (7,33 x 1,23 g) = 9 g carrier oil.
At 12% dilution, the whole batch would be (1,23+9 g) = 10,23 g oral drops.

By delving into calculated dilution, we’ve learned to transform raw extracts into precisely balanced oral drops. This skillful fusion of science and creativity empowers us to create custom solutions with confidence. Watch our video to see, that it’s not hard at all!