Isopropyl alcohol for the Merlin400

IPA is sold in different concentrations and different purities, and it is important that the IPA that is used in the Merlin400 is of an acceptable concentration and purity. For this reason, you will find below a short guide that may help you to find the IPA that is suitable for the Merlin400.

There are several different purity qualities even for 99% IPA. The lowest purity is technical grade and IPA of this purity should not be used in the Merlin400.

The IPA recommended for use in the Merlin400 meets or exceeds purity requirements posed by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), the corresponding European Pharmacopoeia (EP or Ph. Eur.), or the British pharmacopoeia (BP).

Most often IPA of USP, EP, or BP purity grade is sold as pharmaceutical grade. However, it is also
common to see such IPA sold as medical grade or cosmetic grade or other names. Such names do
not indicate official purity designations, and it is therefore important that the IPA – regardless of the label of the bottle – is of either USP, EP (or Ph. Eur.), or BP grade. Do not use IPA in the Merlin400 that are sold without one of these official grading designations.

There are IPAs of even higher purity grade than USP, EP, or BP. These purity grades are ACS (meeting or exceeding American Chemical Society standard) or reagent grade that corresponds to ACS grade. IPA of these purity grades are very expensive and almost always used for analytical, scientific
purposes. Use of such IPA in the Merlin400 will be very expensive and will not improve the final

The IPA sold by Drizzle is of EP (or PH. Eur.) grade and sold as pharmaceutical grade IPA