Cannabis Extract for users and small business owners

3 grams is more than you might think! The potential of cannabis extract for users and small business owners.

Among our customers, we have both private users and small-scale entrepreneurs who use Merlin400 to make cannabis extract and use it to craft oral drops, CBD gummies and edibles, vape carts, and many other products. 

People are often confused when they hear that Merlin’s extraction process yields 2-4 grams of extract from 20-40 grams of herbs.

It’s okay to question such an amount, as they compare Merlin´s quick-wash IPA extraction with what they have heard about other extraction techniques like RSO, rosin press, and Co2 extraction. Some of these techniques give a higher yield, many give a lower yield – and some are just bragging.

 It is important to understand, that quantity and potency are interlinked – you could possibly get a higher yield from the same amount of buds, that you processed with Merlin400, but the extra yield would consist of unwanted substances, giving a lower potency.

Making Edibles is often associated with a lengthy and exhausting infusion process. When it comes to oral drops, big companies use giant equipment to process kilograms of cannabis.

This allows them to gain profit margins of 100-1000%, raising the price of the end product to 8-10 times the price you would pay for the plant material they start with.

But that’s not always necessary. We created Merlin400 to provide ordinary people with a fast and easy way to make cannabis concentrate at home, to give the freedom of choice to the end user – and to save them a lot of money.

We designed Merlin400 as an automated home extraction device that makes a potent full-spectrum cannabis extract. The Merlin extraction preserves all the important substances of the plant, such as terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc., while largely omitting chlorophyll, wax, and other foul-tasting substances.

From one extraction, you can obtain 2-4 grams of highly potent Merlin oil, where one tiny drop is as potent as a whole bud. This will allow you to create several bottles of CBD oil, a batch of excellent brownies, a handful of vape carts, or even delicious cannabis ice cream like we did last summer.

 Here’s an example of using one yield of Merlin oil for drops or vape carts:

 Extracting 20-40 grams of high-quality herbs typically yields from 2 to 4 grams of extract.

The quantity depends on the herbs used. You can make e.g. 20-40ml 10% oral drops or 4-8 0.5ml vape cartridges with undiluted Merlin oil.

Using e.g. a 50/50 blend of Merlin oil and MCT oil as a carrier, you will get 8-16 cartridges.

It’s up to you to decide your preferred concentration in your final product, giving you great freedom of choice and variation. These are just examples of the many ways to use Merlin oil.

Cannabis extract is a reliable way to enhance your hemp experience, whether you are a medical user, a small business owner, or simply enjoy its relaxing and recreative effects. Merlin400 makes it easy to create your own cannabis extracts for a large variety of uses – the rest is up to you.