Extended Cleaning

The internal tubes and channels in the Merlin400 must be cleaned regularly.
We recommend doing an Extended Cleaning after every 10th run or as needed.
The extended cleaning is an internal wash, done by running an extraction cycle without any herbs.

Here is how to make an extended cleaning of Merlin400:

1. Open the IPA chamber (right, drop imprint) and remove all IPA using the provided 60 ml syringe.

2. Add 180 ml IPA and close the lid.

3. Insert the clean, empty herb tube in the extraction chamber (left, hemp leaf imprint).
No filter holder, no valve ball, just the empty herb tube. Close the lid.

4. Mount a clean, empty collection glass, without glass beads. Tighten til elevator ring.

5. Run Program 1: “Make extract”.

6. The program will fill the extraction chamber with IPA and transfer 20-30ml (approx. ½ glass) to the collection glass. This washes the internal tubes and channels in Merlin400.

7. Monitor when the extraction process is done and distillation begins.
You can do this in the app (’current action’ will change to ’distilling’) or by feeling the underside of the heat bed, under the glass. When the heat bed starts getting warm, the distillation has begun.

8. When the distillation has begun, reset the machine by simultaneously pressing the left (select) and right (pause) buttons on the user interface on top of the machine.

9. Observe if the IPA level in the glass is over or under the edge of the glass.
If the IPA level is under the edge, Remove and clean the collection glass.
If the IPA level is over the edge, open the distillation chamber lid (centre, drizzle logo) and remove the IPA from the top, using the syringe.
Discard the IPA, or save it for recycling by re-distillation.

10. If the IPA in the glass has taken colour or contains old plant material, you can repeat the washing cycles until the internals of the machine is clean:

12. Open the IPA chamber and add 30ml IPA and repeat step 4-9.

13. once the IPA transferred to the glass is clear, the internals of your Merlin400 are clean.
Remove the IPA from the extraction chamber using the syringe.
If it is clear, you can re-use it as it is. If it has been tainted, you can re-distill it and use it again.

Congratulations, your Merlin400 is clean and ready to go!