Pump Wash

Small amounts of the extract can find their way into the condenser and pump assembly when distilling.
The extract will contaminate the pump, leading to lower performance and ultimately preventing Merlin400 from gaining the necessary vacuum. If you get an “Error number 6: Pump needs cleaning or replacement” it is most likely caused by dirt in the pump, and you can resolve it by following this guide.

The following procedure ‘washes’ the pump and condenser with IPA fumes from the distillation chamber. Here is how:

1.  Mount a clean, empty collection glass with glass beads under the Distillation chamber. Tighten the elevator ring.

2. Open the top lid of the Distillation chamber, and add 30 – 60 ml IPA to the collection glass so that the glass is full and the IPA covers the sloping sides inside the Distillation chamber.

3. Open the IPA tank (right, drop imprint) and remove any clean IPA from the tank.

4. Run program 4: ‘Just Distill.’ The IPA will start to boil, and the fumes will wash residue out from the pump and condenser.

5. If the machine is dirty and has problems gaining enough vacuum, it will stop after a few minutes. If the machine stops with an error (Error 6), reset it by pressing and holding the select and pause buttons, then start program 4 again. You can repeat this until you see the IPA starts boiling in the oil glass.

6. When the IPA has evaporated, and the glass is empty, you can reset the machine. There is no need to let it perform the whole end sequence.

7. If needed, remove dirty IPA from the IPA tank.