Recycling dirty IPA

Sometimes small amounts of the extract can find their way into the IPA chamber, turning the IPA green.
Sometimes you collect used IPA dripping from the herb tube.
Sometimes you have used IPA from washing collection glasses and other equipment.
Sometimes you run an extended cleaning, leaving you with dirty IPA.
All this dirty, used IPA can easily be recycled and used again. Here is how:

1. Place an empty, clean herb tube in the extraction chamber, and close the lid.

2. Mount a collection glass with glass beads and tighten the elevator ring.

3. Open the top lid of the distillation chamber, and add min. 30 ml, max 180 ml used IPA to the distillation chamber. Notice that the dirty IPA does not go into the IPA chamber but directly into the distillation chamber.
You can use the syringe to measure the amount.
Make sure the red gasket is in place and close the distiller lid.

4. ATTENTION! Open the IPA chamber and make sure there is free space to receive the 180 ml IPA.
If there is not enough free space you must remove some IPA before proceeding.
Distilling IPA into a full IPA chamber will flood it, and you will have IPA running into the machine and all over your workspace. This will constitute a serious risk of fire and possibly damage Merlin400 and your furniture.

5. Run Program 4: Distillation only.

6. When the glass is empty, reset the machine by pressing the select (left) and pause (right) button on the top panel.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 if needed. Do remember to check for free space in the IPA chamber.

8. After the distillation, the now clean IPA will be in the IPA chamber ready for next use, and the leftovers will be in the collection glass. Clean the glass, and you are ready to re-use your IPA.