How to use Merlin Oil?

Merlin400 is a home extraction tool that’s here to help you make your own CBD oil, get rid of pain, and relax.

If you are not sure, how to make Merlin Oil from the cannabis extract from Merlin400, watch this video:

So, how to use CBD Oil in your daily wellness routine?

CBD oil provides various methods of consumption, with the sublingual route being the most popular choice to experience the effects of CBD. 

Discovering the ideal dosage is a process. It’s recommended to start with 2-3 drops, three times per day. If you don’t experience any effects within the next few days, you have the option to increase the dosage.

How-to: Place a few drops under your tongue and leave it there for approx 30-60 seconds to get absorbed. This will let the compound dissolve and diffuse into your bloodstream through the tissues in your tongue, bypassing the fist-pass effect caused by the liver. 

Another method to consume CBD is by swallowing it directly. This method is effective, but the liver eliminates some % of the CBD due to its enzymes. In this case, you might need to increase the dosage. It also depends on the weight and age of the person. 

With Merlin400 you decide how to use your CBD, choose potency, taste, and price.

Remember to consult your doctor before using CBD oil. Everyone’s response is unique, so it may take some time to find the right dosage for you.