App connection guide

Using the app will unlock additional features of Merlin400! It will improve your extraction experience and allow you to update Merlin400 to the latest software version.

We regularly release new updates for Merlin400. You will get a notification if there is a new software release for you. Merlin400 will work offline, but you will not get updates. We highly recommend that you update regularly to get the best experience from your Merlin.

To use the app, you need to pair your Merlin400 to the device you want to run the app
on. This guide will explain how to step by step.

Connect Merlin400 To The App

⚠️Selecting the correct setup system: current or legacy?

First, you must choose the correct guide for your Merlin400. Locate the sticker on the back of your machine and look at the SSID. It should have the following format: m1234567 (an m followed by eight random letters and numbers). Please proceed with this guide (current setup system) if it does.

If the SSID looks like this: merlin_ap_123456, please refer to the legacy system guide: here. The legacy system works slightly differently, so you must use the correct guide.

Step 1. Turn on Merlin400

Turn on your Merlin400 and wait for the green Start button to stop flashing. Please wait another 30 seconds after the flashing stops before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Connect to Merlin’s WiFi access point

Your Merlin400 has a built-in WiFi access point. You must log on to it to make the first ‘handshake.’ Use your phone or another device with WiFi to search for the Merlin400 WiFi access point. The name of the access point is on your product label as “SSID,” and the password is “PWD“. All letters in the password are lowercase.

With the correct password entered, connect your device and wait until the connection is established. It will not connect to the Internet and will most likely indicate “limited connection”. That’s all right. If your device asks you, please select: “Use connection anyway.”

Step 3: Give Merlin400 internet access

Open your favorite browser on the phone or device connected to Merlin400. Enter the address:, and you will land on a web page similar to the one below.

From the drop-down menu on the select the WiFi access point you usually use for internet access.

Enter the password for your WiFi access point at home and tap “Connect Merlin’s WiFi”.

This will make Merlin400 restart, and your app will pause for approx. 1 min while this is happening. The display on Merlin400 will blink green as the reboot process happens. Now you can reconnect your phone or device to your normal WiFi access point unless it has already happened automatically.

When Merlin400 has restarted, it has internet access via your normal WiFi connection.

Step 4: Check that Merlin is online

After reboot, once the Startbutton is steadily lit up, you can check the internet connection. Press and hold the “Select” button (the leftmost button on the machine’s top panel) for 3 seconds until Start flashes.

If the Start button flashes green, it is connected to the Internet; if it flashes red, Merlin is offline. It can take a little time for the machine to connect. Please give Merlin400 up to a minute after booting to flash green instead of red.

If, after a prolonged, the Start button keeps flashing red when you press and hold the Select button, please repeat this guide from Step 2.

Step 5: Pair a device with Merlin400

The app is browser-based, and pairing writes a cookie with information the browser needs to
communicate with your Merlin.

You can pair any device that can run a modern browser with your Merlin400. To do so, navigate to using the device you want to pair with Merlin400.

You are greeted with this screen. Enter the credentials as they appear on your Merlins sticker. Press Start.

You are now directed to the app on The app may say “Not connected” in the first minute, but give it a little time. If you have entered the wrong SSID and Password on the previous page, you can always click the logout button in the top right corner (an arrow in a square icon). This will take you back to the login section.