Step by step: Your first extraction

This is a step-by-step guide for making your first extract using Merlin400.
You can also find a few videos covering the extraction process in the ‘Basic user guide´ section of the knowledge base.

1: Unbox the machine and get yourself an overview of the accessories.

2: Read the printed User guide carefully before you continue.

4: the steady lit green arrow indicates that the machine is ready for use

3: Connect the power cord to 230 V.

4: Wait for the green Play LED to stop flashing. The machine is now ready.

5: Place the funnel on top of the alcohol tank

6: Fill minimum 0,5 l isopropanol alcohol into the tank. Wipe the funnel dry after use

from top to bottom: funnel, herb tube, tube holder

7: Place the Herb tube in the Tube holder

8: Place the Valve Ball, the filter holder, and a filter in the Herb tube

from left to right: Valve ball, filter holder, and filter

9: Place the dry funnel on top of the Herb tube

10: Open the included tea bag and fill just under half of the contents of the bag into the Herb tube through the funnel. There should be 1,5 – 2 cm extra in the funnel. Press hard with the piston until all the tea is in the Herb tube.

11: Note how much air is left in the top of the Herb tube. If there is room for more, add a little extra and press again with the piston.

12: Repeat 11) until the Herb tube is completely filled to the inner top edge.

13: Remove the funnel and place a filter on top of the Herb tube. Then press it slightly down with the piston, so that it attaches under the top edge of the Herb tube.

Oil glass with 3 glass beads

14: Blow the surface clean for herb dust and place the Herb tube in the extractor room.

15: Take a clean and dry oil glass, put 2-3 glass balls into it and place it on the plate below the Distiller.

16: Turn the elevator ring to the left until the oil glass is clamped. If you can turn the glass around, then tighten it a little more.

17: Now the machine is ready. Press the green ”Play” button and look forward to experiencing your first self-produced oil after a few hours.

18: Your oil can be used as it is in a vaporizer, in edibles, or for smoking, but you can also dilute it with a food oil for oral drops:

19: Use one of the included pipette tubes and add 1.5 – 4 ml food oil to the raw oil in your oil glass

20: Heat the mixture with program 3, then stir with your pipette tube

Note: When the machine is running and the light behind the oil glass is on, the light can be turned off and on again by quickly pressing the green flashing “Play” button