Is Merlin400 legal?

Merlin400 has been developed for extracting plant oils; therefore, the machine is fully legal everywhere.

However, in the context of extracting cannabis oil, legal problems may arise. Drizzle will shortly summarize the complex legal situation related to the use of cannabis.

There is an ongoing tendency to legalize CBD and THC in many parts of the world. Despite this THC is still illegal in many countries – this means that access to herbs containing THC above a certain percentage (often 0.2%)  is limited in many countries and states.

Industrial hemp and CBD-skunk, used for producing CBD oils, are legal and available in most countries if the herbs contain less than 0,2% THC. Furthermore, there are countries where the allowed THC content is less than 0.2%. Cannabis oils extracted from hemp and CBD-skunk may contain THC over the legal limit, making the oil illegal in these countries.

It should also be noted that there are few countries (e.g., Albania, Armenia, Russia, Singapore, Serbia) where CBD – regardless of THC content is illegal. A further complexity is that there are countries where CBD is only allowed for medical purposes and only on prescription, and then there are countries where it is illegal to process CBD.

To sum up, laws governing the use of CBD are incredibly varied worldwide. The laws are also changing quickly, so you must keep updated on relevant laws where you live. In some countries, alcohol extraction is illegal due to the risk of explosion when you evaporate large amounts of alcohol. However, Merlin400 is a closed-loop system, meaning the alcohol is condensed and recycled in the machine. It also has fail-safe systems like an alcohol sensor that immediately shuts down the machine if vapor occurs, thus eliminating the risk of explosions. This safety mechanism is one of the significant improvements compared to making alcohol extractions by hand and a prerequisite for the Merlin400 CE approval.