Is Merlin400 legal?

The cannabinoid THC is still illegal in many countries – this means that access to herbs containing more than 0,2% THC is limited in many areas.

Industrial hemp and CBD-skunk, used for producing CBD oils, are legal and available in most countries, as long as the herbs contain less than 0,2% THC.

Cannabis oils extracted from these herbs can contain THC over this limit – which makes it illegal to sell in countries still upholding prohibition on THC.

In some countries, alcohol extraction is illegal due to the risk of explosion when you evaporate large amounts of alcohol.

However, Merlin400 is a closed-loop system, meaning that the alcohol is condensed and recycled in the machine.

It also has fail-safe systems like an alcohol sensor that immediately shuts down the machine if vapor occurs, thus eliminating the risk of explosions. This is one of the great improvements when comparing to making alcohol extractions ‘by hand’, and a prerequisite for the CE approval to be used in private homes, that Merlin400 has.

So the short answer is:

Yes. The Merlin400 is fully legal everywhere.

Here is an external link to more knowledge about the legality of CBD and THC