Can Merlin400 make full-spectrum THC oil?

The short answer is that Merlin400 will extract all types of cannabis and hemp.

You can make full-spectrum oil with both CBD and THC, depending on the herbs you use.

Merlin400 performs an alcohol extraction, meaning that potentially everything that dissolves in alcohol will be extracted from the herbs. You don’t want everything, though – wax, chlorophyll, lipids, etc. reduces the potency and quality of your extract.

We have done a lot of research and fine-tuned the extraction parameters in Merlin400, to get the compounds you want (mainly cannabinoids and terpenes) and to avoid the rest.

The composition and amount of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, etc.) in different herbs vary a lot. Industrial hemp can contain from 1-6%, mainly CBD, while cannabis and skunk can contain up to 20% cannabinoids, of many different compositions.

Merlin400 can make a useful extract from herbs with as low as 1,5% cannabinoids, giving you an extract with 40-60% cannabinoids. With high-potency herbs, your extract can reach 65-70% cannabinoids.