How do I prepare the herbs for extraction?

?The herbs must be as dry as possible to avoid water-soluble contents in the final extract.
Also, the herbs must be finely divided so that the solvent can reach all parts.

Our recommendation is to mix the herbs by hand or to use a blunt tool like e.g. a hand mixer with dow hooks to divide the plant material to a suitable size.

Cutting the herbs in a blender with sharp blades will cut the plant material open and release unwanted chlorophylls and wax from inside the plant cells.

Removing as much green material, and only leaving the actual flowers will also reduce the chlorophyll in the extract, leading to a higher purity.
If wanted, you can make a second extraction of the green parts, containing fewer cannabinoids.
This way you will obtain separate high- and lower-quality extracts.

The herb parts should be 1-5 mm on average. Stalks and seeds will not damage the process but will reduce the overall yield. Stalks will also add some unwanted compounds to the extract, so our recommendation is to remove as many stalks and seeds as possible before extraction.