Is it difficult to make cannabis oil?

Making cannabis oil on the Merlin400 is often compared to using a juicer for making smoothies – It requires some preparation and some cleaning after, but all steps of the actual extraction and distillation of the oils are done automatically.

The actual process of making extracts is a delicate one. The herbs are often expensive, the solvent is highly flammable, filtration needs to be very effective, and the timing of contact between herbs and solvent needs to be controlled precisely.
Up till now, extracting cannabis oils have required a high level of both craftsmanship, knowledge and equipment. Extracting a useful CBD oil from low-potency industrial hemp is not possible by hand, but requires large-scale industrial equipment – or a Merlin400.

In Merlin400, we have examined and automated the whole extraction process, so that all steps are either automated or easy to perform. We dare to say that, following our user-guides, everybody can successfully extract cannabis oils on a Merlin400.