Is it possible to get more out of the herbs if you run it twice?

Yes and no.
The first run, with the standard 25-40 grams herb tube and the standard 8 sec soak time will yield 80 to 90+% of the available cannabinoids. Using the app you have the option to raise the soak time and with that, the yield. The purity of the yield will decrease, but your overall cannabinoid yield will come up a little.

Running a second extraction on used herbs will mostly give you chlorophyll and plant fat, with very low cannabinoid content (since there is not much left in the herbs). So we don’t recommend making a second extraction because the quality of the second yield is very low.

The exception to the rule is if you make cold extractions. When freezing the herbs and IPA before extraction, you bind much of the wax and fats in the plant material, leading to an extract with a higher purity – but with frozen herbs, you only get about half the yield. In this case, running a second extraction immediately after the first (while herbs and IPA are still frozen, and before the IPA/herb exposure time becomes too long) will give you the full yield, separated into a first and second quality. Both fractions will be a little higher quality than a ’normal’ extraction, so there is a point to the extra work in making cold extractions.

Using the available small 10-20 grams herb tube you will have more IPA passing through the herbs, relative to the volume of herbs. This will give you a slightly higher yield – but not necessarily a higher cannabinoid yield. Whether the small tube will give you extra cannabinoids or extra chlorophyll depends entirely on the quality of the herbs used.