How to use the app for Merlin400 (Legacy Guide)

Using the app will unlock additional features of Merlin400. It will improve your extraction experience and will help you to level up the process.

In the video, Peter explains:

● how to connect the machine to Wifi

● what you can use the app for

● how to update Merlin400

If you prefer the text-based guide, please read on.

Connect Merlin400 to the app

Connecting Merlin400 to the app will give you access to additional functions, including updating the software on your machine.

After connecting your Merlin400 to the app, you can update it to the latest software version. This will give you the best experience, we recommend you do it before using the machine for the first time.

We regularly release new updates for Merlin400. You will get a notification if there is a new software release for you. Merlin400 will work offline, but in this case, you will not get updates.

Two steps are essential to connect the app with Merlin400:

1. Get Merlin400 online

2. Pair the device you want to use for the app with Merlin400

How to connect the app:

Step 1. Turn on Merlin400

Turn on your Merlin400 and wait for the green play button to stop flashing. Please wait another 30 seconds after the flashing stops before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Connect to Merlin’s access point

Your Merlin400 has a built-in WiFi access point. You must log on to it to make the first ‘handshake’. Use your phone or another device with WiFi to search for the Merlin400 WiFi access point. The name of the access point is on your product label as “SSID” and the password is “PWD”. All letters in the password are lowercase.

With the correct password entered, connect your device and wait until the connection is established. It will not connect to the Internet and will most likely indicate “limited connection”. That’s all right. If your device asks you, please select: “Use connection anyway.”

You will need information from your product label – It looks like this. You can find it in your manual and under your Merlin400.
Search for available wifi networks, and select Merlin400 ‘s access point. In this case, it is merlin_ap_e25eab
Remember to put the password in the lowercase.

Step 3: Get Merlin400 online

Open your favorite browser on the phone or device connected to the machine. Enter the address:, and you will land on a web page similar to the one on the right.

Select the WiFi connection you normally use for internet access from the drop-down menu on the web page. Enter the password for your WiFi access point at home and tap “Connect Merlin’s WiFi”.

This will make Merlin400 restart, and your app will pause for approx. 1 min while this is happening. Now you can reconnect your phone or device to your normal WiFi connection unless it has already happened automatically.

When Merlin400 has restarted, it has internet access via your normal WiFi connection.

What to do in case of an error?

Sometimes, the app running on will show an error, as seen in the picture on the right. It happens when you click “Connect Merlins WiFi”. It is still working, so please ignore the error.

If you get the error, wait for Merlin400 to stop blinking (rebooting). Once done, follow step 4 to check that Merlin400 is connected to your home WiFi.

After this, please follow step 5 to pair your device with Merlin400.

If you get the error, you need one more step to pair the device with Merlin400, instead of the automatic pairing during Step 3.

Step 4: Check that machine is online

After reboot, once the Play button is steadily lit up, you can check the internet connection by holding down the “Select” button (the leftmost button on the top panel of the machine) for 3 seconds until Play flashes.

If the play button flashes green, it is connected to the Internet; if it flashes red, it is offline. Please give Merlin400 up to a minute after booting to flash green instead of red. It can take a little time for the machine to connect.

If the play button still flashes red when you press and hold it after a prolonged period, go back and repeat this guide from Step 1.

Step 5 (Optional): Pair another device with Merlin400

You can pair multiple devices with your Merlin400 if you want to use another device to control your Merlin400.

To do so, connect your device to Merlin’s WiFi access point (step 2) on the device you want to pair with Merlin400. Once connected, use your browser and go to

Because your Merlin400 is already connected to the internet, you click the second button: “Just connect my device”. This will pair the device with your Merlin400 machine.

You are now ready to use the Merlin400 app on the new device.

Using the Merlin400 App

the Dashboard page in the App

Access the Merlin App
Your phone or device is now paired with Merlin400, and Merlin400 is online.
Your browser should automatically go to and look like the image on the left.

When you want to use the app in the future, simply go to on the paired device.

In the app, you have three buttons at the bottom line, Dashboard, Programs, and Settings.


gives you an overview of the status of your Merlin400


gives you access to a number of programs, including a few you can’t access from the physical user interface on the machine.

To choose a program, simply click it on the Programs page. You will be sent to the Dashboard, where the top line will indicate which program is chosen.

To start the program, press the arrow in the green circle in the bottom right corner.
If you, for some reason want to abort a running program, reset the machine by pressing the ‘select’ and ‘pause’ buttons on the physical user interface simultaneously.


gives you access to extra functions, including firmware updates.

Upgrade firmware

We strongly recommend upgrading the firmware before your first extraction. We continuously improve the software, so an updated machine will give you the best user experience and extraction result.

To upgrade the firmware, pair a device to the Merlin400 and follow the steps below.

1. Tap the icon “Settings” at the bottom right of the app.

2. Press “upgrade firmware”

The machine will start flashing red and then flashing green for a few minutes. When it is stable again, your machine is upgraded to the latest software, and you are ready to extract.