Error 6 & 8 – pump cleaning

If the pump in your Merlin400 does not provide enough suction, you will receive one of several error messages.
These can be error numbers 6: Pump needs cleaning, or 8: Insufficient vacuum for distillation

Often, the reason for the error is that some extract has found its way onto the pump membranes, lowering the pump efficiency.
Luckily, there is a simple solution that solves most cases:

1: Clean the gaskets in the extraction and distillation chambers
2: Mount a collection glass with glass beads in the distillation chamber
3: Open the top lid of the distillation chamber and fill the collection glass half full with IPA
4: run program 4: just distil

You can find a more throughout description of this cleaning process in the `Pump Wash’ article

The IPA fumes from the boiling IPA will enter the pump and dissolve any extract or oil on the pump membranes. If the reason for the error is a dirty pump, and you have the app up and running, you should be able to monitor the pressure coming down, as the pump efficiency improves.
After some time the pressure will fall to under 200 mbar, and your Merlin400 pump is clean and back in business.