Removing trace amounts of isopropanol

The process of distilling extracts with a high yield of cannabis oil differs from distilling extracts with a low yield of cannabis oil.
The first 90% of the distillation process is the same for high and low yields, but the last 10% differs quite a lot.

Merlin400 is tuned to give a good result with any kind of cannabis.
But in rare cases, when using very oil-rich herbs, you can experience trace amounts of isopropanol (easily detectable by smell) in the extract.
When you remove the glass with the finished extract from Merlin and let it settle for ½-1 minute,
you can do a smell- test of your extract. You should only smell flowery, fruity flavours, maybe with some darker, slightly tar-like notes, depending on the herbs you have used.
If you experience any isopropanol smell, you can choose to run the distillation end-sequence an extra time.

From firmware version 0.66 (July ’22) we have implemented an end-sequence to the distillation process, removing trace amounts of IPA.
If you want, you can run the end-sequence an extra time. Here is how:

  • For throughout removal of residual alcohol, Run program 4: ’just distill’
  • For a mild removal, start program 4, then press and hold the play button for 5 seconds.
    The software will skip to the final, gentle part of the end sequence.