Heidi Petersen, Copenhagen Denmark

In 2014, I had cancer in my left breast and lymph nodes. The cancer was hormone disrupted and aggressive. The knot was 11 cm. With expert help from the State hospital (Riget), I first got chemotherapy, then surgery and finally rays and bio plug / herceptin. All this went well and helped me. In 2015, I was cancer free.

But as my brain had been damaged also, the side-effects came quietly – nerve pain, dry mucous membranes, fatigue, no mental excess.
I practiced Recovery yoga and went to hot water training, and generally did what I could to get better. The Danish Palliative Care Unit and the Center for Cancer and Health were a great help.

Even after a few years of training, I could only get up for 3-5 minutes at a time, and some days I could only walk for 50 meters because of my pain. However, on a good day I could walk up to approx. 1 km at my own pace.

In 2018, I finally received my referral to a pain clinic, and started my course in the spring of 2019.
The joy of finally being referred to a pain clinic in the spring of 2019, where I was prescribed cannabis oil, far exceeded the frustration of having to wait 9 months after my own doctor’s referral.

The pain clinic prescribed THC for nerve pain. It completely exceeded my expectations as I was suddenly able to get a good night’s sleep and generally got more quality of life in everyday life. However, I could still not walk any further, or suddenly run, but I gained more energy to do other activities during the day and to enjoy my family.

To be able to manufacture my own legal cannabis oils, at a reasonable price, using an approved household appliance would be a great benefit, and a good attempt to eliminate everyday pain.

I can only recommend cannabis oil, try it and maybe it also helps on your quality of life and pain.