Recommended cannabis suppliers

The following is a list of cannabis suppliers with whom we have had great experiences and outputs on merlin400. 


Denmark’s largest retailer of CBD, with a wide assortment of high-quality buds.


Hempire Gardens

Spain’s largest cultivator of organic and premium quality hemp flower.
The price/quality ratio of their CBD Hemp Flower Shake / Trim is very well suited for use in Merlin400.

Raske Planter

A web-based dispensary with high-quality herbs from sustainable, sun-grown origins.
Products from Raske Planter are also available at Indkøberen(Christiania), Frk Øko(Nørrebro) and other places.



Copenhagen’s oldest dispensary shop. All packaging is compostable and plastic-free. The products are high-quality organic, without GMOs and pesticides.