Herbal extractor 

Merlin400 is the world’s first completely automated, small-scale alcohol extractor for the domestic production of high-quality extracts from herbs and cannabis. It gives you full control over the central extraction parameters while being fully automated and incredibly easy to use.

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Key Features

Completely Automated

Top panel of Merlin400

The Merlin400 is a closed-loop alcohol extractor designed to work at the press of a button.

It extracts everything from cannabis buds to hemp leaves and crafts a finished oil extract automatically.

We have already optimized the extraction parameters so you will get the perfect oil.

High Extraction Yield

Extract on the table

The proprietary extraction process yields up to 75% of the available cannabinoids while virtually eliminating chlorophyll and other foul-tasting pigments in the final product.

It is the easiest way of creating your personal rich-tasting full-spectrum cannabis extract suitable for both oral consumption and use in e-cigarettes. 

Compact & Easy
to use

Do not be fooled by the small dimensions (23x22x20cm). It is an innovative powerhouse capable of extracting from 15 to 45 grams of cannabis or hemp at once while fitting neatly on your kitchen counter.

All you have to do is put your cannabis in the machine and press a button – the rest is automatic.

For Hemp and Cannabis

You can use all parts of the cannabis or hemp plant that contains cannabinoids: THC-rich buds, trim, or leaves. It also works exceptionally well with industrial hemp for the manufacture of full-spectrum CBD oil.

Use legally purchased cannabis, hemp, or grow your own if local legislation permits it.



Extraction efficiency: Up to 95% cannabinoids from your plant material, depending on herb quality and extraction settings.

Load capacity: 20-40 grams of plant material pr extraction.

Terpenes: Extracts the plant’s full spectrum terpene profile that are retained in the final product due to the gentle vacuum distillation of the extract.

Extraction time: 1,5-3 hours, depending on settings.

Compatible cannabis material types:

  • THC buds
  • CBD buds
  • Trim
  • Material with seeds
  • Industrial hemp flower
  • Blended industrial hemp

Cannabinoid state after extraction: Non-decarboxylated – built-in optional decarboxylation program.

Distillation temperature: < 45 degrees Celsius ( < 113 degrees Fahrenheit )

Pressure during distillation: < 200 mbar


Extraction solvent

Compatible extraction solvent: 99% Isopropanol.

Alcohol reservoir size: 600 mL.

Alcohol loss per extraction: 200 mL (residual alcohol retained in the wet plant material).

Technical Specifications

User interface: Built-in push-button interface and/or app control over WiFi

Build material: PET, food-grade approved according to EC 10/2011/EU

Electrical: Voltage 100-240VAC – 50/60 Hz. Power use up to 100 W

Size: D x W x H = 210 x 210 x 235 mm

Weight: 2,5 kg


  • CE Certified
  • Melt fuse protected
  • Alcohol sensor detects potential spills and shuts down the machine

Operating system: Linux


Merlin400 Demonstration 

Details we are proud of

3D printed

3D printing allows us to iterate and innovate incredibly fast. We have built our 3D print and assembly farm right here in Denmark. It has taken quite an effort to ensure that the Merlin400 conform to the strict international standards within the food industry (read more here). We are proud to bring the first-ever fully 3d printed food processing machine to market.

Recyclable polymers

Polymers used in 3D printing are much less resource-consuming to manufacture than their metallic counterparts. The polymers used for the devices can be recycled on par with any other pure polymer manufactured product.

Built on raspberry pi

We are not going to hide it – we love the raspberry pi open source community. We have built our whole extraction technology around the raspberry pi platform, and it enables us to do fantastic things fast and also to interact with the entire open source community.

Software upgradable

Yes, our extraction device runs Linux, and all parts of the device are software upgradeable over the air. The built-in WiFi connects to the internet and allows you to update your software and expand with new cool features, born out of continuous software development that takes place in the company.