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Automated kitchen appliance for home cannabis and hemp extraction.

Starter kit with everything you need to get started! *

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Merlin400 is the world’s first automated kitchen appliance for cannabis and hemp home extraction, allowing you to craft the full spectrum oil you prefer in your kitchen. Merlin400 can extract 20-40 grams of cannabis and finishes the extraction in 2-4 hours. The extraction contents are consistent from run to run, and you can create oil with the exact ratio of THC and CBD you prefer. Key features: Programmable automated extraction, distillation under vacuum, optional decarboxylation of extract. Extraction efficiency: Up to 95% cannabinoids from your plant material, depending on herb quality and extraction settings. Terpenes: Extracts the plant’s full spectrum terpene profile and retains it in the final product due to the gentle vacuum distillation of the solvent. Compatible cannabis material types:

  • THC buds
  • CBD buds
  • Trim
  • Material with seeds
  • Industrial hemp flower
  • Blended industrial hemp

Cannabinoid state after extraction: Non-decarboxylated – built-in optional decarboxylation program. Distillation temperature: < 45 degrees Celcius ( < 113 degrees Fahrenheit ) Pressure during distillation: < 200 mbar Starter kit contents The Merlin400 starter kit includes everything you need to start creating oil right away:

  • 1 Merlin400
  • 1 liter pharma grade isopropanol *
  • 3 x 100g of 1,2% CBD Futura hemp *
  • 20 Custom Filters
  • 1 Piston
  • 1 Funnel
  • 5 Pipettes
  • 1 x 3ml pipette bottle
  • 1 x 10ml pipette bottle
  • 1 Herb Tube
  • 1 Filter Holder
  • 1 Tube Holder
  • 1 Oil Glass
  • 20 Glass beads
  • 2 Valve Balls
  • 1 x 60 ml Syringe
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 Manual

* Isopropanol and CBD Futura Hemp are only supplied with orders delivered to countries in the European Union. Orders outside the EU might be subject to local customs payment, not included in the price. If you have any questions about the Merlin400 not covered here - the usage, contents of the kit, possibilities and limitations - please feel free to ask at Please notice that Merlin400 extractors are sold for personal use, defined as up to 3 extractions pr week. While it is absolutely possible to deploy the Merlin400 for industrial use, it is important to note that excessive use is not covered by the warranty. Of course, we can and will help with any issues concerning your Merlin400, including repairs and providing spare parts, also in cases of industrial use - only this will be at the expense of the end-user. From industrial use, we typically see units malfunctioning due to clogging, caused by less than adequate cleaning. The tubes and the pump get clogged after repeated usage without proper cleaning. The solution is to clean the Merlin400 after each extraction and to 'wash' the internal parts by running an extraction without herbs, approx every 10 extractions. In worst-case scenarios, we sell replacement pump units and perform repairs at reasonable prices, and we will guide you in replacing the pump module and cleaning the tubes etc. if you choose to do the repairs yourself.

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