Production Insights

We are on track according to the production plan of our first production batch!

For the past month, the production team’s efforts focus on three significant areas: 3D printing mechanical parts, final assembly of electronics and software. 


We have spent the last month optimizing our 3D printer farm and manufacturing at a steady pace. Operating a 3D printer farm is a challenge compared to a single 3D printer. The duration of each print needs consideration to utilize the available printers effectively. If the printers, for example, do not run during night time, we lose production capability. 

Another essential aspect in mechanical production is post-treatment of the parts to uphold food grade regulations. We have set up automated stations to perform the procedure in a precise and consistent way.


Electronics are manufactured, tested and ready for final assembly. We are currently physically mounting the electronic components inside the mechanical parts and making sure everything lives up to specifications. 


We have written approximately 7000 lines of code for the Merlin400 extractor so far. Now we are stress-testing everything and making the final tweaks. A critical component in software development has been the ability to upgrade the Merlin400 extractors “over-the-air”. Over-the-air upgrade means the extractor can download and use new software. This way, you get all the latest features as they are released – because software development is a neverending story. 

To summarize it all: Production setup is progressing as expected.