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Hi !

Here at drizzle, we are excited to show you the machine, we have built over the last couple of years : the Merlin 400 extractor.

Merlin is the world’s first automated kitchen appliance for extracting essential oils, designed and built for private, domestic production of high-quality extracts from both hemp and cannabis.

Up to now, cannabis oils and extracts have only been available from two sources :
– Professional, industrial-sized productions, giving good quality at a very high prize. You typically pay more for the extraction, than you do for the herbs, especially when looking at CBD-oils.
The other source of oils and extracts is from ’handmade’ home-production.
While making cannabis extracts by hand at home is possible, the process is messy, dangerous (alcohol wapors are explosive), process times and temperatures acan not be controlled precisely, and the amount of herbs and solvents used are high.

Merlin 400 changes that :
We have taken the techniques used in large-scale industrial systems, added several of our own patented improvements, and built the third source to high-quality, low-cost cannabis and hemp extracts, in a fully automated, fully programmable unit.

We hope you will join us on the adventure !
The Drizzle team